Tabata Bootcamp on the Blue Bridge Starts May 21st

This has been such an exciting week, as preparation takes place for the first Tabata Bootcamp on the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids Saturday, May 21st. Check-in begins at 8:45am and Tabata Bootcamp starts at 9am. If you've been hearing about Tabata, this is a great way to get out there and experience what Tabata is all about. The workout is set in stone. The music is tested and approved. Resistance bands will be supplied and yoga mats will be available for $10 to anyone who doesn't have one. 

To think this idea began with a strength training small group last fall. The day of Tabata training, they gave positive feedback throughout the entire workout of the :20 seconds on/:10 seconds rest concept. Since I have such a passion for body weight and resistance training - and enjoy sharing it with others - along with a love for the outdoors - I could not resist working to make this happen for Downtown and Grand Rapids residents.

Here's to helping even more people build endurance, gain strength and feel really good inside and out. The excitement to help create positive health stories on the Blue Bridge is here! For more information and to register, visit our Tabata on the Blue Bridge page. 

Giving Up Soda

Nearly 19 years ago, I gave up soda (a very caffeinated one) cold turkey. It was tearing a hole in my stomach and caused great pain after five years of collegiate life and burning the candle at both ends for a couple years post-university. There are many reasons not to drink it - the sugar or sweeteners added, the caffeine in some, and the pure addiction of empty calories.

Fitness Republic has spoken on this topic very well. If you're trying to leave this beverage during your weight loss journey, here are some reasons that could help you quit. Good luck!

Combine Healthy Eating with Core Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

If you're attempting to get rid of the belly fat or muffin top, this is a great read. It begins with the fact that you are what you eat. The main way to lose in your mid-section is to have a healthy caloric deficit. Add in strengthening the back and other core muscles, and you've got a winning combination. Read more from Fitness Republic.