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What is Tabata?

Every time Tabata comes up during conversation, clients are intrigued, but not exactly sure what it is. Here's the "TA-DA!" moment when explaining the program. Tabata is about going at your own level of high intensity - pushing it as hard as you can - for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of active rest. Each round is four minutes long made up of eight rounds of exercise. By having a Certified Personal Trainer leading the way, safe exercises will be shared with everyone. Again, working out at your own pace, yet feeling support from the trainer, and the group. We're all in it together, which helps the group bond while getting through the workout 20 seconds at a time. Faith Megna, NASM CPT, leads Tabata Bootcamp in Grand Rapids by completing a full body workout that includes six rounds using 12 exercises in 30 minutes plus warm-up and cool down, giving you one healthier body!

Tabata Research: 

As a society, we've focused on burning calories during exercise, but the latest research shows that the focus should be on what happens after we're done exercising. Yes. This means burn more calories post-workout with Tabata. Tabata Bootcamp workouts are short in duration, and pack a punch to boost calorie burning long after the exercise is over. 

Tabata is backed by scientific research. Here's the Tabata history shared from Universal Studios, which partnered with Izumi Tabata in 2013. What  we know today is based  on his research, Tabata Protocol, which is high intensity exercise for :20 seconds followed by :10 seconds of rest. 

Tabata Bootcamp helps participants build endurance, gain strength, and so much more. Register today.